Monday, August 7, 2017


Weekend was hot, as usual this time of year.  When I got to the farm it was overcast a bit but I could tell something was building.  

It created a bit of a breeze, rare as it was, so I went ahead and mowed since rain was coming. It's the first time in three weeks I've had to mow.  But it was still so hot and humid.

Flower seed packets
On the way out, I stopped at a local feed store to see what they had. All the flower seeds were on clearance for the end of the season.  Fifty cents per package, so I picked up a few. I'll try them out next Spring.  Some annuals, perennials, shade, cutting and wildflower mixes.  

I got out the old wheelbarrow we have and cleaned it up a bit, but it was just too hot to do much else with it.  Hoping to try out some Fall flowers using this as a planter like we posted a few weeks ago on an Inspiration Thursday post.

It started getting darker and you could smell rain on the wind.  I went ahead and watered everything because there was no way to know how much rain we might get.  Turned out to be not so much, maybe 1/4 inch after I left. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be rainy days at the farm, at least according to the weather forecast for this week.

Jalapeno harvest
I harvested all that's left growing, jalapeño peppers. 2nd Man said we should just plant all jalapeños next year and sell them, ha.  They do seem to grow well here for sure.  Next season we are going to try adding in some different pepper plants. 

When I came home, we had steak with French fries (we love good old fashioned French fries once in awhile instead of a baked potato).  I told 2nd Man I'd like mushrooms and he made this wonderful mushroom sauce topping.  OMG it was good. 

Yesterday, we stayed in town and relaxed. 2nd Man made one of our favorites to have around...

Pound cake
...Pound Cake!  

He uses a traditional recipe, literally a pound of butter, pound of flour, pound of eggs (approx 6-8 depending on size), and a pound of sugar.  Then some vanilla and a dash of salt.  

It's SO good.  
Especially with some vanilla ice cream! 

Good weekend, hope yours was good too!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

that dinner looks so good! we are getting some rain today. we've been so dry!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Crops are funny things. What is insane growth one year might have virtually no yield the next. This year has been so wet here, I am having trouble with anything reaching maturity before it disintegrates into mush. Even the zinnias and lantana are struggling with excessive water, but after the drought last year I am not complaining (too much)

donna baker said...

It all sounds good. Hope you're canning those peppers. We didn't get many this year. I always plant the Tam jalapeños which aren't as hot. Cayenne's do well and you can make your own hot sauce. It is wonderful and I tend to put it on everything. In fact, I made hot sauce with the jalapeño peppers too.

Colleen said...

Great price on your packaged seeds. To give them a jump start, store the seed packs in ziplock bag and put in freezer until it's time to plant them this Fall. ( stick on a note on your freezer door so you don't forget about them)
Any seeds that I save personally are in envelopes and stored in freezer until it come time to start seed planting time.

Your pepper crop looks like what I just picked day before yesterday and still the plants are loaded with peppers. I will be picking more tomorrow the way it looks. The shower of rain we had during the night really gave them an extra boost. I have been slicing them up and freezing them but I think I will be making / canning more pepper mustard in a few days.

Your steak and fries looks delicious. We just had Salisbury steak last week with sauteed onions and mushrooms soaked in brown gravy but had baked potato to go along with.

Pound Cake.......YES topped with French Vanilla ice cream and drizzled with some of my home canned strawberry syrup over top........Big double yes :}
Enjoy your week.

Oh, I hit it Big time today. Neighbor was wanting to get rid of his wooden step ladder (he said that it was constantly in his way)so asked if I was interested. Of course I couldn't turn it down; being Free and all. He brought it over and goodness sakes alive; it was a 10 foot ladder. It's in really good shape considering it's pretty old. I can't wait to decorate it up for Christmas. Is it Christmas yet? :} I'm so tickled to have such a cool, tall step ladder.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Pound cake...and a pot of coffee. My favorite breakfast! we've had unusually cool weather here in Illinois. Only in low 70's and down to 51 tonight. I love fall but not before it's time. Garden here has lots more producing to do.

Janie Junebug said...

It's a pound party! I wish I could eat meals with you two. I'd even clean up afterwards. Your food always looks so good.


Colleen said...

Janie; "your food always looks so good." Always Taste better when someone else does the cooking. :}

Mike said...

Ooooh Pound Cake. Looks yummy! But I need to taste it... need my address! :-)

Elephant's Child said...

Doesn't rain smell delightful.
That mushroom sauce looks wonderful too.

Texas Rose said...

2nd Man's meals always look so delicious! And that pound cake - mmm!
You've had a bumper crop of jalapenos this year! Whatever you're doing, your jalapenos are loving it. 2nd Man has a good idea about the jalapeno stand!

Practical Parsimony said...

It's been so rainy around this area, but I never get as much as others, thankfully. I get just enough with no flooding. The pound cake made me drool. If it is so warm in the winter, wouldn't the flowers germinate now? I am not familiar with the weather down there.

Colleen said...

Is this the same pound cake that 2nd man made before that had drizzled icing on and won't divulge recipe or his secret ingredients? :{
Wonder if a little bribe would help in him giving up his recipe. :}

Joy said...

Hi, another person commented about freezing your flower seeds... hmmm, not sure on that one. I know if our veggie seeds freeze, they won't germinate the next year. So, not sure about the validity of the freezing info--but I could be wrong! Your meal looks great, are the fries the type that you buy frozen and then heat up in the oven? I also bake pound cake with lots of butter--YUM!!!

Colleen said...

Storing and testing your gathered seeds from the garden.
I have always tested my seeds to see if they where viable was by doing the water test.  Take your seeds and put them in a container of water. Let them sit for about 15 minutes. Then if the seeds sink, they are still viable; if they float, they most likely will not sprout. This method, not really is the best way to check your seeds. For surer results, try performing a germination test.  (Listed below)
How to Test Seeds for Viability
You will need:
Old seeds in need of testing
1-2 paper towels
Resealable plastic bag
Sharpie marker (for labeling-optional)
Dampen the paper towel– it doesn’t need to be dripping wet, just nice and soggy.
Arrange the seeds on the paper towel.  Using separate paper towels, lay out 10 seeds of each type, as it makes figuring the percentage easy, and ensures you’re getting a solid random sampling of the packet.
Roll up the paper towel, or place a second paper towel over the top, to ensure the seeds is completely surrounded by dampness.
Place the damp towel/seeds in the plastic bag, seal, and set aside in a warm place.
Depending on the type of seeds you’re testing, they should begin to germinate anywhere from 2-14 days. (Seeds like peas and beans will sprout faster, while seeds like carrots or parsnips will take much longer). If your seeds are of the slow-germinating variety, you may need to spritz the paper towel with more water to keep it damp. If it dries out, the seeds will stop the germination process.
Once the seeds being to sprout, give them a day or two, and then take note as to how many sprouted vs. how many did not sprout. This will give you a germination rate. Example:
Out of 10 Tested Seeds
1 seed sprouts = 10% germination rate
5 seeds sprout = 50% germination rate
10 seeds sprout = 100% germination rate
Obviously, the higher the germination rate, the better. Anything over 50% is decent. Anything lower than 50% still might be usable, but you may need to plant more seeds to potentially make up for the “duds.”
Storing seeds:  Me I always stored in the freezer in sealed baggie or jar.

According to Oregon University; store unused seed packets is to place seeds in a sealed jar with a desiccant or powdered milk at the bottom to absorb moisture. Store the jar in a cool room or refrigerator over the winter.

Ian's Girl said...

That pound cake looks sooooo delicious!

And in such a hot climate, I suggest you try planting some of those seeds when it cools off this Fall. Nov/Dec, perhaps? It's what I did in Southern CA, and it almost always worked, much more so than doing the same thing in Spring.

1st Man said...

Thank you! Wow we got some rain a few days ago. Over 5" at the farm. The ground just soaked it up.

1st Man said...

We are learning this, ha . It does seem it's always feast or famine with rain doesn't it?

1st Man said...

We've made some more jelly and this weekend I'm going to make the cowboy candy sweet/hot peppers. We grew the TAM's as well. I never thought about cayennes, thanks for that.

1st Man said...

Thanks for the info about the seeds. Peppers are going to be on our list (more variety) next Spring. Do you know we've never made Salisbury steak? I love it too. I think this was sort of it only with actual steaks, ha.

What a score on the ladder!!!! How cool. I'd totally snatch that up too (of course 2nd Man would just roll his eyes ha).

And yep that's the same pound cake. I'll work on him for you ha.

1st Man said...

Well no coffee for me but 2nd Man loves coffee and poundcake. I like poundcake with milk or chocolate milk, ha.

51??? Sigh. I'm jealous.

Happy harvesting!

1st Man said...

LOL, y'all are always both welcome and no clean up necessary, ha.

1st Man said...

LOL! Thanks, isn't Pound Cake so wonderful? Simple but so flavorful. Now if only there were leftovers..... ha!!!

1st Man said...

OH doesn't it though? I LOVE that smell. Thank you!!! The sauce was so good. I told him next time I need pics and the recipe for the blog.

1st Man said...

Thanks. That's why I need to lose weight ha. Jalapeños are DEFINITELY a bumper crop ha.

1st Man said...

We got a LOT Of rain at the farm the other day. Over 5". It's really TOO hot now to try germination. Most just struggle to stay alive when grown ha.

1st Man said...

Thanks for the info. I"ll read up on it.

And yep, the fries were not homemade, they were Ore-Ida crinkle cut. We have done homemade but sometimes it's easier to go the quicker route ha.

1st Man said...

You are SO wonderful for finding this and sharing. Thanks much, I will have to study it in detail.

1st Man said...

Thanks, it was good. We'd share if there were leftovers ha.

Great tip about Fall, hey it's worth a try. Thank you!!! And thanks for stopping by.

SuperMintyWendy said...

You guys should do some research on native plants, especially native grasses. I've planted some on property I have and have been happy with the results. They're low maintenance and it makes me happy to think I'm restoring native prairies. I hope to see bobwhite quail someday, and more fireflies.